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Population change:

AIM: Explain population trends and patterns in births (Crude Birth Rate), natural increase and mortality (Crude Death Rate, infant and child mortality rates), fertility and life expectancy in contrasting regions of the world. Analyse population pyramids. Explain population momentum and its impact on population projections.

Population Pyramids

Revision Questions at geographyalltheway

Population Momentum
Great Activity + Revision Questions at geographyalltheway

Responses to high and low fertility

AIM: Explain dependency and ageing ratios. Examine the impacts of youthful and ageing populations. Evaluate
examples of a pro-natalist policy and an anti-natalist policy.
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external image web.gif Global Demographic Policies (pro and anti natalist)

Anti-Natalist Policy

China's Demographic Transition

Movement responses—migration

AIM: Discuss the causes of migrations, both forced and voluntary.

Forced Migration

AIM: Evaluate internal (national) and international migrations in terms of their geographic (socio-economic, political and environmental) impacts at their origins and destinations.


*Danger and Ladies Man

International: Mexico/USA
*Great Case Study Activity found at Geographyalltheway

*Rabid Fish and Choo

Gender and change:

AIM:Examine gender inequalities in culture, status, education, birth ratios, health, employment, empowerment, life expectancy, family size, migration, legal rights and land tenure.

[A] Gender inequalities in culture and status
Iceland 'best country for gender equality'
Swiss women outnumber men in government
Source geographyalltheway

[B] Gender inequalities in education
The World Bank: Education: Improving access and quality of education in Yemen
The Independent: Taliban restrict women's education in Pakistan

[C] Gender inequalities in birth ratios and family size
Delhi female births rise hailed
China's gender imbalance 'likely to get worse'

[D] Gender inequalities in employment
Women quit before hitting glass ceiling
Poor pay, worse jobs and terrible bonuses too - sexism in the city lives on
Why is her paycheck smaller? NYT Infograph

[E] Gender inequalities in empowerment
Initiative aims to supply millions of mobiles to women
Kuwaiti women win right to vote

[F] Gender inequalities in health and life expectancy
World Health Organization: Gender inequalities and HIV

[G] Gender inequalities in migration
**China internal migration

**[H] Gender inequalities in legal rights and land tenure**
Saudi Arabian women fight driving ban
The World Bank: Ethiopian Women Gain Status Through Landholding


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